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Celebrate World Egg Day on October 13

October 13, 2023, marks a special day dedicated to the humble egg and the farmers who produce them: World Egg Day! This global celebration highlights the high-quality protein and vital nutrients found in eggs, as well as the work of egg farmers around the world.

In Canada, we’re shining a spotlight on the more than 1,200 Canadian egg farmers coast to coast to coast who work year-round to produce fresh, local, high-quality eggs for Canadians. Egg farmers are farming a more sustainable future and upholding rigorous standards in food safety and animal care.

Become an egg-spert with our trivia game

Eager to learn more about the humble egg, and how Canadian egg farmers are caring for the planet? Join us in celebrating this occasion with our new trivia game, Earthwise Egg Quest: Canadian Egg Farming Trivia Challenge. Become an egg-spert as you test your knowledge and learn more about #CanadianEggs.

Click here to download the game. Make sure to share your favourite trivia facts and egg-tastic egg puns on social media using the hashtag #WorldEggDay.

Our six egg-citing reasons to celebrate #WorldEggDay

Looking for more reasons to celebrate? Read on to discover six reasons we’re proud to celebrate eggs and egg farmers on World Egg Day.

1. Leading in sustainability

Canadian egg farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices and have decreased their environmental footprint by 50% while doubling production over 50 years. Their commitment to environmental sustainability continues with a goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

2. Supporting thriving rural communities

The innovative system of supply management ensures a consistent supply of fresh, high-quality eggs for Canadians. Supply management also provides stability for farmers, creates stable jobs and supports rural economies.

3. Providing the gold standard in protein

Eggs are packed with 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including high-quality protein. The nutrition in eggs supports your body’s immune system, muscle growth, brain development and more. Eggs pack a punch in a small package, with 13 grams of protein found in a serving of two eggs.

4. Embracing innovation and new technology

Canada’s egg farmers are at the forefront of cutting-edge research through their comprehensive research program. They are also leading the charge towards a more sustainable future by embracing new technology. For example, solar panels provide renewable energy, while smart tools optimize feeding and reduce waste.

5. Following world-class standards for food safety and animal care

Every egg farmer shares a commitment to rigorous standards by taking part in our comprehensive national Animal Care Program and on-farm food safety program, Start Clean-Stay Clean®. Canadians can trust the exceptional quality of Canadian eggs.

6. Delivering made-in-Canada food  

Canadian egg farmers deliver over 829 million dozen eggs to Canadians every year—that’s well over 9 billion eggs! Our eggs inspire mouth-watering dishes from chefs and home cooks alike. Whether it’s a Ham, Cheese and Spinach Quiche for a weeknight dinner or Scrambled Egg Tacos with Chili Lime Crema for brunch, you can always count on the versatility of eggs.