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Mental health resource for egg and poultry farmers

When it comes to mental health, farmers face unique challenges. While they may be known for their strength and resilience, the daily stressors facing farmers are plentiful. From unpredictable weather and disease outbreaks to long days and more—stress on the farm can take many different forms. If a farmer is distracted by stress on the farm, the consequences can be especially serious.

Dr. Briana Hagen from the University of Guelph conducted research on the link between farm safety and a farmer’s mental health. “When you take care of your mental well-being and you are functioning at a great level, your farm is going to be inherently safer,” states Dr. Hagen.

A resource developed for egg and poultry farmers is your guide to knowing your mental health and wellness. It outlines where to go and features a unique internal wellness dashboard tool to help you understand your mental health. The dashboard gives practical ways to monitor your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing using a simple green, yellow, orange and red-light system. It also outlines key strategies to help you find balance in times of stress.

Let’s all take care of ourselves so we can continue to do what we enjoy most. Click here to access the resource.