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How eggs fuel Canada’s top athletes

Nutrition and physical fitness go hand-in-hand. Whether speeding down the slopes or racing around the rink, a balanced diet provides the energy needed to conquer the day and reach peak athletic performance. For Canadian amateur and professional athletes alike, eggs provide high-quality protein and essential nutrients to power an active lifestyle.

We teamed up with some of Canada’s top athletes to share their favourite ways to enjoy #EggsAnytime to fuel their training and support their recovery.

Marie-Philip Poulin

World champion ice hockey player Marie-Philip Poulin enjoys Egg Tacos for dinner. This versatile meal can be prepared in minutes and is packed with high-quality protein.

Adding sweet peppers, tomatoes, or spinach to egg tacos creates an even more robust meal. In fact, research shows that our bodies better absorb nutrients from vegetables when they are consumed alongside eggs.

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Mollie Jepsen

World champion and Paralympic Canadian skier Mollie Jepsen tops off her training sessions with a boiled egg for a convenient and nutritious snack.

Consuming portions of protein throughout the day is ideal for peak performance. Just two eggs deliver 13 grams of protein, making them a portable, protein-packed snack to enjoy post-workout or on the go. Eggs are also full of important nutrients such as iron and vitamins A, D and E, helping athletes maintain optimal health throughout their training.

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Nam Nguyen

Like Mollie, figure skating champion Nam Nguyen enjoys boiled eggs for their packable convenience while training. Eating eggs as a pre-workout meal offers an extra power boost to get Nam through his routine. Eggs are the perfect snack for athletes, as protein supports muscle growth, repairs body tissue and aids hydration by helping to balance fluid levels in the body.

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Brady Leman

World champion freestyle skier Brady Leman says his favourite weekend meal is homemade fritters, topped with a fried egg for extra protein.

Studies show that athletes should consume up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. That’s a lot of protein! Thanks to their versatility and accessibility, eggs can easily be added to a variety of meals for an extra dose of protein.

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Max Parrot

Canadian snowboarder Max Parrot combines protein and carbs in a crowd-pleasing favourite: an egg sandwich. Pairing high-quality protein, such as Canadian eggs, with carbs post-workout helps to build muscle and optimize recovery.

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Looking for more ways to add eggs to your diet? Check out the hashtag #EggsAnytime on social media or visit for ideas on how to enjoy eggs at any time of day.