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Seven years of cracking hunger in Eswatini

For seven years, Egg Farmers of Canada and Heart for Africa (Canada) have been using the power of eggs to bring hope to a community in need.

Project Canaan is a 1,000-hectare community and farm in Eswatini, Africa. Established by Heart for Africa, Project Canaan provides a safe haven and source of food for many.

Seven years of Project Canaan

In the beginning, Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan provided a home for 84 vulnerable and orphaned children. Today, over 300 children are cared for through the initiative. The program provides staple employment for over 320 locals, each of whom care for an average of seven family members. The positive impact of the program can be felt far beyond the borders of Project Canaan, with volunteer mentors delivering over 665,000 meals each month to the surrounding community in Eswatini.

320 locals are employed at Project Canaan.

How egg farmers help

In 2015, Egg Farmers of Canada built an egg farm at Project Canaan from the ground up, transforming a barren patch of land into a sustainable source of nutritious food. Canadian egg farmers travelled to Eswatini to help construct the egg barns, provide building materials and to share their expertise and skills with local staff. The two barns house 5,000 hens, producing over 1.6 million eggs every year for the children and staff of Project Canaan, as well as the greater community. In fact, over 4,500 local children are fed on a weekly basis with the nutritious eggs from Project Canaan’s farm.

Through our partnership, a barren patch of land was transformed into two barns housing 5,000 hens.

The sustainable nutrition of eggs

Due to severe poverty, one in four children are malnourished in Eswatini. As a result, some of the children have stunted growth. A steady supply of food is crucial for the children experiencing food insecurity and malnutrition.

Locally sourced eggs have proven to be the perfect solution. Both sustainable and accessible, eggs offer high-quality protein and 13 essential nutrients and vitamins that support healthy growth and development.

The egg barns at Project Canaan provide a sustainable source of food for 4,500 children in the community.

#CrackingHunger together

From fighting food insecurity, to supporting livelihoods, eggs are essential in food systems around the world. Their powerful nutritional value mean that when consumed, eggs not only help alleviate hunger but also deliver improved health outcomes.

Through your generosity, the operation aims to expand to 30,000 hens over time—that many hens can produce over 8 million eggs for the community! Project Canaan depends on the support of people like you to continue delivering hope, stability and high-quality nutrition to a community in need.

To learn more about Project Canaan or to donate to Heart for Africa (Canada), click here.

Curious about the progress we’ve made during our seven-year partnership of #CrackingHunger? Download the infographic to learn how eggs are making a difference in Eswatini.