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It’s worth it: Supply management

Being an egg farmer is more than a job. It’s a way of life. Waking up with the sun. Working 24/7. Learning traditions and techniques passed down from generations of family farming. Upholding world-class Canadian food and animal care standards by participating in national programs. It’s a big commitment, but it’s all worth it to produce the fresh, nutritious, delicious eggs that Canadians love.

It’s worth it celebrates the commitment of Canadian egg farmers and the system that makes their work possible: supply management.

Egg farming means waking up with the sun and working 24/7 but it’s worth it to produce fresh, local eggs for Canadians. Brought to you by Canadian farmers like Stephanie from Perth, Ontario, Blake from Masstown, Nova Scotia, and Tyler from Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick.

What is supply management?

Supply management is a system run by Canadian farmers that manages the supply of eggs, dairy and poultry. Farmers agree to follow a consistent set of rules to promote the highest standards for food safety and farming practices, and in return they receive fair compensation for their effort.

Who benefits?

Canadians love their eggs!

93% of Canadians say it is important that the eggs they consume come from Canada1. More than 1,200 Canadian egg farms produce over 789 million dozen eggs annually to meet the growing consumer demand. In fact, 2020 marked our industry’s 14th year of retail sales growth. A strong industry makes it possible for our farmers to make long-term investments in on-farm efficiencies and drive innovation through research.

Supply management strengthens our farms and our economy, supports thousands of Canadian jobs and is opening the door for the next generation of agriculture leaders to find rewarding careers in egg farming.

Show your support

Supply management is worth it for Canada because of the benefits it brings Canadians. Add your voice and help us maintain a sustainable Canadian egg industry for generations by protecting Canada’s system of supply management.

1 Environics Analytics, 2020