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Canadian athletes enjoy #EggsAnytime

Whether running sprints or swimming laps, a healthy diet is a crucial part of maintaining an active lifestyle. Protein and exercise go hand in hand. With the power to build muscle, repair body tissue and keep us fuller longer, it’s no wonder Canadian athletes include protein-packed eggs in their diets.

That’s why we teamed up with five Canadian athletes to share their favourite ways to eat eggs. With two large eggs providing 13 grams of high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids, eggs are a versatile and delicious way to fuel an active lifestyle.

Read on to discover how these world-class athletes energize their training with eggs.

Andre De Grasse

Who said eggs are just for breakfast? Rich in nutrients and high-quality protein, Canadian sprinter and Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse enjoys Egg Tacos any time of day. As an unprocessed source of protein, eggs are important for building muscle and maintaining a healthy immune system.


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Penny Oleksiak

Did you know that pairing high-quality protein with carbs after a workout can build muscle and optimize recovery? Penny Oleksiak, Canadian swimmer and Olympic medalist, combines protein and carbs in a crowd-pleasing recipe for Egg-Topped Pizza—a delicious way to end an active day.


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Christine Sinclair

Soccer World Cup all star and Olympic medalist Christine Sinclair makes an easy protein-packed snack with boiled eggs. This portable Boiled Egg Snack Pack is a simple way to enjoy top-quality nutrition on the go. Spreading your protein intake throughout the day, such as by eating a boiled egg or two as a snack between meals, can help support peak performance.


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Aurélie Rivard

Aurélie Rivard, world champion swimmer and Paralympic medalist, easily sneaks in important nutrients like iron and vitamins A, D and E throughout her day with eggs. Whether as a topping for avocado toast or an addition to a salad, including an egg with your meal is an easy way to add get essential nutrients in every bite.


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Ellie Black

Artistic Gymnast Ellie Black’s Shakshuka recipe makes it easy to have eggs for any meal. This delicious Middle Eastern dish combines veggies and protein together, with the healthy fats in the eggs helping to more effectively absorb the nutrients in the vegetables.


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Whether you’re a pro athlete or simply enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eggs are a source of high-quality protein that keep you moving through the day. Inspired by our athletes’ #EggsAnytime recipes? Check out the hashtag #EggsAnytime on social media or visit for more ideas on how to enjoy eggs at any time of day.