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Seven egg-centric trends from our Foodservice Trend Report

Throughout the past year, the foodservice industry showed impressive resilience and determination in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As our country moves from pandemic response into a prolonged phase of recovery, we believe the foodservice industry is poised to begin a successful journey, fueled by creativity and innovation.

Our recently released 2021 Foodservice Trend Report aims to inspire restaurant recovery plans, sharing how eggs and key food trends can play a vital role in Canada’s culinary comeback.

From comfort food to immunity-boosting dishes, here is a sneak peek at the top seven food trends of 2021 that highlight all that eggs have to offer when it comes to turning a tough situation sunny side up for Canada’s foodservice sector.

Food for a fast pace of life

As more Canadians worked from home over the past year, the appetite for convenient and quick food delivery only grew stronger. Versatile and quick-to-cook foods like eggs are the secret weapon of nimble restaurant kitchens that switched from dine-in to delivery.

Food on-the-go

Canadians have been missing creative street food and bustling food truck festivals. Foodservice professionals can incorporate the excitement and portability of street food into their menus with delicious, on-the-go meals. Antojitos, for example, are egg-based savoury bites—a popular Mexican recipe that translates to “little cravings.”

Food that supports a healthy immune system

Canadians are craving delicious meals that pack a healthy punch. Eggs are a great source of protein, and offer a variety of nutrients that support a wide range of health benefits such as immune system function. Restaurants can reach health-conscious Canadians by combining eggs and vegetables in flavour-rich dishes with buzz-worthy ingredients like ginger, miso and turmeric.

Food that takes you around the world

With a clampdown on international travel over the past year, Canadians are hungry to experience diverse delicacies from around the world. Restaurants can fill this gap by bringing a taste of the world to their menu. Whether in egg-topped bibimbap or egg biryani, eggs are a versatile ingredient in international cuisine.

Food that promotes sustainability

Canadians care about reducing food waste and expect their favourite restaurants to do their part. Combining eggs with leftover vegetables is a creative and cost-effective way to keep ingredients out of the waste bin. Eggs also last for weeks in the fridge and come naturally pre-portioned in their own shell.

Food that comforts

Comfort foods and trusted favourites offer a familiar and nourishing option for those feeling the stress of the pandemic. Fill Canadians’ cravings for comfort food with classic staples like all-day breakfast and egg breakfast sandwiches. Classic menu items such as burgers and pizza can also be easily elevated by adding an egg on top—a fun twist with a burst of flavour.

Food that leverages the sous vide trend

Canadians love the velvety, creamy texture of sous vide egg bites. This French cooking technique makes meal prep easy, locks in flavour and keeps food healthy by foregoing the need for extra oils and fats.

In the rapidly changing landscape of the foodservice industry, some things remain the same. Simple, convenient, versatile menu options are as important as ever. Foodservice and culinary leaders can discover how eggs can help bring these leading food trends to life on their menus by downloading the 2021 Foodservice Trend Report or by visiting for more resources and inspiration.

Download the 2021 Foodservice Trend Report