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Farming a more sustainable future

As egg farmers, we’re committed to sustainability. From how we treat our animals, to how we work with our community, to how we care for the environment, sustainability colours every decision we make.

Choosing Canadian eggs means choosing sustainability.

Our approach to sustainability is built around five pillars that inform our actions:

  1. Animal care and welfare: Protecting the health and welfare of our hens by pressing forward with world-class standards and continuous improvements
  2. Product quality, safety and nutrition: Delivering safe, high-quality eggs to Canadians by maintaining already high standards
  3. Environmental impact: Finding new ways to make egg production more environmentally sound and improving the efficiency of our operations
  4. Enhancing the well-being of others: Advocating for farmers, meeting consumer demand for local food through the system of supply management, and engaging in partnerships to reduce hunger in Canada and around the world
  5. Labour, health and safety: Empowering our people to make decisions that make a difference while nurturing the next generation of leaders in our industry

Sustainability: It’s our job. It’s our way of life. And most of all, it’s our passion.

Learn more by reading our Sustainability Report.

Download our Sustainability Report