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Celebrating #CdnAgDay 2021 with Canadian egg farmers

Canada’s Agriculture Day is taking place on Tuesday, February 23rd. It’s a day to raise a fork to the food Canadians love, and to the people who produce it!

How are we celebrating this year? We went straight to the source and asked egg farmers across Canada what they love most about egg farming. Here’s what they had to say:

Jeff and Joleen Bisschop

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Jeff and Joleen love being egg farmers because it allows them to work alongside their family members every day.

“We enjoy egg farming, and we take pride in keeping our hens happy and healthy, to provide the highest quality eggs to share with our Canadian consumers,” Jeff and Joleen say.

The Bisschops are proud to be a part of such a supportive sector. “The support of BC Egg and our fellow egg farmers is what keeps us all motivated to continue to do what we love to do as a family,” they say.

The two are planning on celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day by “making sure the hens are happy, healthy and well taken care of.”

What is the Bisschops’ favourite way of cooking their eggs? “Our family favourite is a perfectly soft-boiled egg.”

Caroline Fillion

St-Sébastien de Frontenac, Quebec

Caroline loves being an egg farmer because she appreciates the diversity of the trade, and caring for the well-being of her hens.

“I am thrilled to watch my children grow up happy on our family land, and to feed the community,” she says.

“Since I began farming, I have embraced the mission of championing my profession,” Caroline says. “Sharing photos and videos on social media prompts wonderful interactions with my followers, with some drawing inspiration from my posts.”

What’s on the schedule for Caroline on Canada’s Agriculture Day? “I plan to celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day with my family by preparing a delicious breakfast with wholesome, top-quality Quebec food products before heading off to work!”

“I share my love for my work with my children, and when I hear my eldest, aged 6, say that he is attending the school of life as he works with his grandfather, it makes me smile,” she says. “Farming is life!”

Don and Shannon Gaultier

Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba

The Gaultiers are proud to be egg farmers, and to provide Canadians with nutritious, affordable eggs. “We’re proud to celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day because we believe Canadians should know where their food comes from,” they say.

The two love egg farming because it allows them to be self-employed and to work on their farm with their sons, Gabriel, Christian and Brenden.

Don and Shannon will celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day by gathering eggs and looking after their hens.

They like their eggs cooked in a variety of ways, but their favourite is sunny side up.

Every year, farmers and food lovers alike join together to celebrate our sector on Canada’s Agriculture Day. Join the online celebration on February 23rd by following the #CdnAgDay hashtag on social media, and sharing what you love about Canadian food and Canadian agriculture.