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Looking into the future of Canada’s egg economy with Dr. Maurice Doyon

Canadian egg farmers turn to Dr. Maurice Doyon, Economic Research Chair at Université Laval, to better understand changing economic landscapes and consumer behaviour.

Dr. Doyon and his research team focus on the economics of egg production while exploring questions that affect both farmers and consumers. This forward-thinking approach to egg economics helps shape our understanding of the future of Canada’s egg industry. His work also informs growth and innovation in the sector through decision-making tools that guide circular economy strategies on the farm.

Dr. Maurice Doyon is the Egg Farmers of Canada Research Chair in Economics at Université Laval.

Investing in an economic expert such as Dr. Doyon through our Research Chair Network is just another way we are fostering an innovative Canadian egg industry. Our Research Chair Network focuses specifically on issues and opportunities within the Canadian egg farming industry, helping Canadian egg farmers lead the way to a more sustainable Canadian food system.