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Innovation in egg nutrition research

Egg Farmers of Canada has been a proud partner of the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC), the science and nutrition education division of the American Egg Board, for more than a decade. The team at the ENC consists of dedicated health experts with a range of professional experience in nutrition science. Together they fund rigorous scientific research that examines the nutritional benefits of eggs and invest in ongoing education programs for health professionals.

Put simply, this group works with world-class researchers focused on the nutritional benefits of eggs. Thanks to this partnership, Canadians and egg farmers alike benefit from cutting-edge research. These vital insights are helping the world discover how amazing and nutritious the humble egg truly is.

The Center’s record of innovation is second to none, led today by Executive Director Dr. Mickey Rubin. He has a Ph.D in exercise physiology and nutrition, and is passionate about nutritional biochemistry. Some landmark moments in the history of egg nutritional science have occurred under the ENC’s roof.

“ENC sponsored some of the first intervention studies that examined the impact of eating eggs on cholesterol” says Dr. Rubin.

There are so many ways to eat eggs–so many ways to enjoy the singular and extraordinary nutritional benefits eggs can offer, no matter what way you’re enjoying them.

This research is among the ENC’s greatest success stories. For many years, the health concerns surrounding blood cholesterol swept up dietary cholesterol—the latter of which eggs are a source. But scientific evidence has shown there is no appreciable relationship between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels.1

Debunking cholesterol myths is one of the factors that has led to growing egg consumption here in Canada, due in part to the research funded by the ENC. This ground-breaking work is one reason why Egg Farmers of Canada works with the ENC.

There’s a lot happening in the world of egg nutrition

Choline is currently one of the ENC’s major research interests. It’s an important nutrient for brain development and cognitive function—an especially important nutrient for pregnant women.

“New research is showing that when choline is consumed during pregnancy, the result is measurable cognitive benefits for children down the line,” says Dr. Rubin, “and we’re only just beginning to understand that relationship fully.”

The ENC’s work touches on all aspects of egg nutrition. For instance, the ENC has highlighted research showing that eggs can safely be part of a healthy diet for those with type 2 diabetes.2

Working at the ENC means unlocking the unknowns about human health and nutrition—a perfect place for anyone who wants to help all of us live healthy, fulsome lives. It was that passion which led to this career for Dr. Rubin. But the unexpected pleasure of the experience has been working with and on behalf of farmers.

“Farmers are so passionate about what they do,” says Dr. Rubin, “and they are so supportive of science. Farmers are dealing with science every day, whether it’s a dairy farmer thinking about breeding or an egg farmer thinking about hen feed. It makes for a very compatible point of view.”

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