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Cooking up a storm at the Terroir Symposium

Where can you find over 1,000 chefs, producers, artisans, general managers, media, entrepreneurs and storytellers, all coming together to talk about Canadian food?

Toronto’s Terroir Symposium turned this past May into an eclectic celebration of all things culinary. It’s Canada’s leading forum for those in the hospitality and tourism sectors. It showcases the very best in innovative products relevant to the food service industry. So, of course, Canadian egg farmers were there to share a truly remarkable Canadian story: the story of fresh, nutritious, made-in-Canada eggs!

At Terroir, we shared Canada’s best kept secret: how to find the best eggs in Canada for every kitchen and every need. The secret is, there is no secret. Thanks to supply management and over 1,000 farming families in every corner of Canada, Canadians have access to fresh, local and high-quality eggs year-round. No wonder eggs are a favourite of Canadian chefs, restaurants and world-class culinary artists. They form the foundation of an endless array of diverse dishes inspired by Canada’s multicultural landscape. From gourmet dishes to classic recipes, Canadians are finding more and more ways to enjoy eggs. 2018 marked the 12th consecutive year of growth for the sale of eggs.

Terroir guests could swing by our Egg Farmers of Canada booth to visit Chef Matt Basile, of Fidel Gastro’s fame, and Ontario egg farmer Chris Mullet Koop. Chef Matt was cooking up a storm of delicious green eggs and ham—a tiny taste of his incredible culinary versatility.

We shared two key concepts at Terroir. First, Canadian eggs are produced to world-class standards for animal care and food safety. Canadians can rest easy knowing the eggs they love are always safe and fresh. Second: local eggs are always on trend for their freshness, deliciousness and versatility in any recipe.

We were proud to be part of Terroir this year, and tell attendees more about the simple and extraordinary Canadian egg. See you next year!

Want to take a deeper dive into the inner workings of an egg farm, and see the craftsmanship and pride that goes into our eggs? Then check out our virtual farm tour to meet some of Canada’s amazing egg farmers!