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#CrackingHunger with the humble egg

The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) is one of the smallest countries in Africa, yet it faces some of the continent’s greatest challenges. HIV rates are high, life expectancy is low, orphans are common and the nation remains one of the poorest on Earth. It is in this difficult situation where eggs can play a powerful role. They’re an affordable source of high-quality protein in a place where that’s desperately needed. And they are provided in part by an egg barn supported by Egg Farmers of Canada in partnership with Heart for Africa (Canada). Canadian egg farmers helped build the Project Canaan egg farm in 2016—providing materials and expertise for two barns and approximately 5,000 laying hens.1

Heart for Africa (Canada) recently hosted a Canadian visitor: Cam Broten, the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Egg Producers (SaskEgg).

“We had learned that Heart for Africa needed a new egg delivery truck,” says Cam. Saskatchewan Egg Producers’ Board of Directors made a decision to finance the purchase, and suggested Cam visit Eswatini as a representative for SaskEgg.

And so, Cam spent a week at Project Canaan—Heart for Africa’s sprawling Eswatini project, improving life for thousands across the country.

“It’s a great reminder of the beauty that is the egg,” says Cam, “when you see up close the nutrition eggs bring to the families who need it.”

Cam got to see that impact up close in an unprecedented way. As part of his weeklong trip, Cam helped make deliveries to local communities. In addition to providing meals for the children at the Project Canaan children’s homes, Heart for Africa (Canada) provides 4,000 fresh eggs each day and supplements 880,000 meals each year to rural parts of eSwatini.

“It’s incredible: we’re delivering immediate nutrition to people. People love it, and it makes a tremendous difference,” notes Cam.

These impactful contributions to causes at home and abroad are in part empowered by the strength and stability of the Canadian egg industry. Canadian egg farmers are committed to giving back to their communities at home and globally, and the SaskEgg delivery truck is one example of the great things that farmers accomplish by working together.

Cam brings home with him a warm appreciation for Project Canaan’s work. “As with any service project, you get back more than you give,” he adds.

Heart for Africa is a bright reminder of the good that the humble egg can do—not just at home, but around the world, and in places where affordable protein is so desperately needed. Canadians should be proud: every time you buy eggs, you are supporting Canadian farmers and amazing work like this. And you can directly support Heart for Africa yourself—click here to join us in #CrackingHunger and make a donation today.


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