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Meet the kids our eggs are helping to feed around the world

We’ve already shown you the inspiring impact of Canadian Food For Children (CFFC) by the numbers. See that transformation up close by meeting some of the kids CFFC is working hard to nourish and support.

This is Dr. Andrew Simone. Inspired by a direct plea for help from Mother Teresa, Dr. Simone and his wife Joan founded CFFC in 1985 with a simple mission: helping the poor.
Years later, the sheer output of their food shipments around the world is astonishing. They touch lives in every corner of the globe, like this family in Sierra Leone. In fact, in 2017 alone, Canadian Food For Children delivered an incredible 307 food shipments around the world. That’s over 5,000 metric tons of food!
And that food is transforming lives. Dr. Simone met little Mary in Haiti. Her dad couldn’t find work and her family didn’t have enough money for food. When Dr. Simone met her, she was too weak to walk. He visited her for three days in a Haitian hospital, bringing toys and food. After four days she could walk again.
We’re proud that Canada’s egg farmers play a small part in CFFC’s work. Every year we donate 16 metric tons of powdered eggs—that’s the equivalent to about 1.27 million eggs annually! It’s a source of protein, iron, essential vitamins and other beneficial nutrients—a powerhouse, especially for those desperately in need of nutritious foods, like those CFFC serves.

CFFC is helping to feed thousands of kids like these around the world. We’re helping them—will you? Consider a donation to support the Simones’ work. Every contribution helps!