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Meet some of our partners that help give farmers a voice

An egg farm is a testament to the power of working together. In Canada, egg farming is a family business. It’s not a one-person job—mothers and daughters, fathers and sons have always pulled together to get it done. That’s why our industry so deeply appreciates the power of partnership and community. We know how much can get done when reaching out to others. Here are just five of the ways we work with other groups to strengthen and energize our sector.

Provincial and territorial egg boards

Part of the genius of Canada is our federation. We share a strong federal government that brings us all together, but we all govern ourselves in our provinces according to our local needs. The Canadian egg industry operates on a similar principle. Every province and the Northwest Territories has its own egg board. They are a direct link and a strong voice for farmers in their region. They work closely with municipal and provincial officials to grow local egg production, and support egg farming families right where they live.

Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Founded in 1935, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture advocates on behalf of Canadian farmers. It is a national, collective voice of Canada’s 200,000 farmers and their families. We value our work with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture because—like all farmers—we believe in working together. Farmers everywhere have shared interests no matter what we farm. Indeed, one shared interest rises above all others: offering a strong voice for a strong rural Canada, through Canadian food produced by Canadian farms.

Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum

Nathaniel Visser, egg farmer in Barrhead County, Alberta

How do you connect with aspiring young Canadian farmers and get them excited about the industry? The Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum is an organization that has the answer—through providing conferences and workshops for young Canadians hungry to deepen their knowledge of agriculture and farming best practices.

Established in 1997, the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum is all about preparing the next generation of leadership in the Canadian farming industry. Egg Farmers of Canada is a proud partner, and together we work hard to ensure our own young leaders take part. In fact, every year young leaders taking part in Egg Farmers of Canada’s national young farmer program attend the annual conference and meet fellow farmers from across Canada.

International Egg Commission

Egg Farmers of Canada takes part in conversations about eggs and agriculture at the global level alongside the International Egg Commission—a global voice and network of egg producers and processors around the world. The International Egg Commission brings together industry influencers and decision-makers from over 80 countries to talk about global trends touching egg farming in every country. Through the International Egg Commission, Egg Farmers of Canada takes part in a number of committees and activities including the Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs and the global Young Leader Program.

World Farmers’ Organization

The World Farmers’ Organisation is a global group of farmers working to unite producers, farm organizations and cooperatives from around the world. The World Farmers’ Organisation looks to elevate farmers within value chains and share insights and information for the mutual benefit of the sector. From forestry and aquaculture to the environment and trade, the World Farmers’ Organisation works in a wide range of areas, and actively encourages farmers to become involved in sustainability projects, environmental protection and issues surrounding gender equality.

 Egg farmers achieve so much more working together and with other like-minded groups—as you can see from all these amazing partnerships! Together we share one central goal: a strong, vibrant and successful agricultural sector.