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Canada, we’re so grateful for you. Thank you!

Happy World Gratitude Day! It’s the day where we celebrate what we’re grateful for—and for Canadian egg farmers, we’re grateful for Canada and our fellow Canadians 365 days a year.

Thanks to the system of supply management, the vast majority of eggs you enjoy are produced by Canadian farmers. So for World Gratitude Day, we decided to hit the streets and say “thank you” to Canadians for buying Canadian-made eggs. We recruited a whole team of egg farmers—Tyler and Kaylin Wiens, along with their nieces and nephews from the Fehr family, and their baby son Jackson to visit downtown Saskatoon and meet with Canadian egg lovers.

It’s part two of our series #EggsEh, celebrating the Canadianness of your made-in-Canada eggs. Without further ado, meet the family… and thank you for supporting Canadian egg farmers!