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These are the future leaders of Canadian egg farming

Meet the future of the Canadian egg farming industry. These ten incredible men and women are this year’s participants in Egg Farmers of Canada’s national young farmer program. Over the course of the year, they will take a deep dive into the industry they love. We’ve profiled each of them here at Here are some of our favourite quotes about their passion for farming:

1. Matt Vane, Chilliwack, BC

On the opportunities of egg farming:

“The egg world has been good to me… you can work at your own beat when you’re a farmer. There’s a big variety of things to do and that’s what I like.”

Advice for young farmers:

“I’d say to build smart and build with room to grow. Know what you are doing and get involved in the industry. It’s good to know where the industry is going. So I would encourage them to do what I’ve done.”

2. Nathaniel Visser, Barrhead County,  AB

On caring for his hens:

“I believe I’m responsible for these animals. It’s important for me to oversee the welfare of these birds.”

On his love for egg farming:

“I love the lifestyle more than anything else. You just set your own pace. You get to see projects through from start to finish. You work your own hours and on your own schedule.”

3. Will McFall, Lyn, ON

On the natural goodness of eggs:

“Eggs are nutritious and affordable. We’re improving people’s lives by doing what we do. We’re doing good by doing all of this.”

4. Andrew Packham, Dunnville, ON

On changing technologies and techniques:

“As things progress, it’s better for the hens and better for us working with them.”

5. Julie Morin, St-Bernard-De-Michaudville, QC

On the joys of being an egg farmer:

“I like knowing that I make a positive contribution to society—feeding people by providing the perfect food. When you are producing eggs, you can always say, I’m doing something useful today.”

6. Justin Dunphy, Keswick, NB

On working with family:

“A lot of people think it’s easy to work with your family. But your family will push you, and you can never really slack off.”

7. Blake Jennings, Masstown, NS

On family tradition:

“It’s nice to carry on what our family did. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

On working with his dad:

“I love him to death… we argue a lot but we get through it! I love what I’m doing here and where I’m at.”

8. Cory Cox, Maitland, NS

On inheriting his family’s farm one day:

“Something I can take pride in is that one day, this will be mine. Not many people have something like that to work toward.”

9. Thomas DeLong, New Germany, NS

On change and the future:

“I want to start a family and run the farm and contribute to the industry. I know it’s a changing industry and I have a part to play in that change… it’s very rewarding to produce food for people.”

10. Stephanie Simmons, Summerside, PEI

On duty:

“The farm has been in the family forever, and I feel it’s something that should be passed on. So I feel it’s my duty to become more involved in that part of the business… agriculture is a big part of my world.”