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Why these five world-class chefs love Canadian eggs

A Nobel Prize winner once said, “the greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique.” When I read that quote I can’t help but think of the humble egg. Eggs are versatile—in every kind of meal and every kind of cuisine, eggs can play a role. No wonder Canadian chefs adore the egg, a passion these artists share with thousands of farmers across Canada. We asked five world-class Canadian chefs how they use eggs in their kitchens. Their answers show how important the egg farming industry is to Canadian food culture. Here is why these artists can’t get enough eggs:

1. Montreal pastry chef and TV star Patrice Demers


“What’s interesting with eggs is that they are easy to use, but the more you know about them, the greater the possibilities that open up before you… Maybe that’s why I like eggs. The possibilities are endless. You can always develop new recipes; you are limited only by your imagination.”

2. Gatineau chef and restaurateur Marysol Foucault


Why does Marysol love eggs in her Gatineau restaurant? They make her best dishes homey and less complicated: “If eggs have a starring role, it’s because they are comforting.”

3. Top Chef Canada competitor Trevor Bird


“Eggs are sustainable, they are healthy, and they are high-protein… the possibilities are endless.”

4. Halifax chef and restaurateur Craig Flinn


Craig thinks eggs are all-Canadiana: “When you buy Canadian Grade A eggs, you can be assured that they have travelled from farm to market in less than five days. Eggs are inherently Canadian, inherently seasonal and inherently fresh.”

5. Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford


“What’s fun is just how much you can be creative with eggs. I had a beautiful Japanese ramen soup recently, and the egg in the soup was poached in soy sauce and sake. Eggs just go with so many things.”

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