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Our 9 favourite tweets from #Farm365

In late 2014, Ontario dairy farmer Andrew Campbell committed to tweeting 365 photos on his farm, one for every day of 2015. Using #Farm365, Andrew started his journey with 7,000 followers and ended it with over 17,000.1 He was not alone: hundreds of farmers around the world tweeted about their own farms using Andrew’s #Farm365 hashtag. It was an opportunity to, in Andrew’s words, “challenge myself… giving consumers a sense of what is going on, on a dairy and grain farm.”2 At Egg Farmers of Canada, we want Canadians everywhere to understand where their food comes from. We also want them to learn more about the people who produce the food they love! The #Farm365 project was an inspired idea that gave farmers an opportunity to tell the world more about the industry they are passionate about. In that spirit, here is a list of our nine favourite tweets from #Farm365.

1. A new day

2. Dad’s little helpers

3. Rolling down the line

4. Heavy lifting

5. Lunchtime

6. Views from the farm

7. Family business

8. Baby steps

9. The best work in the world

What are some of your favourite photos from the farm? Share them on Twitter and tag us @eggsoeufs. Let’s show the world what we do and why we love it.