Year: 2015

Egg Farmers’ partnership with charity delivers needed nutrition to hungry children

Dr. Andrew Simone is a direct man who gets right to the point: Close to one billion people around the world are hungry or malnourished, he says, but most Canadians don’t see it. But he’s seen hunger, close up. And as a doctor, he’s seen its effects on health in terms of disease, blindness, stunted […]

Making a difference with education, employment and hope

Celebrity chef shines the spotlight on eggs this holiday season

Guelph’s Michelle Hunniford uses science, literature to understand her chickens

Feeding hens to keep them healthy and productive

Eggs are a natural choice for baby’s healthy development, starting at 6 month

Research shows feeding your baby whole eggs early can help prevent an allergy

Alexandre Richard: Working the land that nourishes us

Feeding children eggs for breakfast may help promote healthy weights

A healthy approach to prevent and manage diabetes: How eggs fit in

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