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Alberta egg farm wins 2 Canadian poultry sustainability awards

Congratulations to Levi Hofer and New York Colony, for winning the inaugural Canadian Poultry Sustainability Award for both the Table Egg industry and the overall poultry industry. Levi Hofer accepted the awards on the colony’s behalf at the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Symposium on October 29, at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph, Ontario.  New York Colony was honored to take home two $1,000 prizes and the 2014 Overall Award Winner trophy.

“Congratulations Levi. You and your colony are a great example to all farmers,” said Susan Schafers, Chair of Egg Farmers of Alberta.

Egg farmers are good stewards of the land they farm and are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. Canadian Poultry praised New York Colony for being a progressive and forward thinking egg farm, acknowledging their commitment to overall sustainability, from animal welfare to environmentally responsible farming practices.

“Levi and his colony are shining examples of our industry’s commitment to the principles of continuous improvement and sustainability,” added Peter Clarke, Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada. “It’s great to see one of our young farmers receiving such prestigious public recognition for his leadership.”

In terms of what set New York Colony apart as the overall poultry industry award winner, the judges felt that Mr. Hofer’s social outreach initiatives and efforts to communicate all the wonderful things that the egg industry is doing to government, industry and the public, went above and beyond in terms of ensuring the long term success and sustainability of the Canadian egg industry.