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Top Canadian egg farmers under 40

Meet the three Canadian egg farmers who were honoured as part of Canadian Poultry's Top 4 Under 40 program.

Egg farming as a family at B Jack Farms

Eggs are a key ingredient in holiday traditions

Connecting female farmers through mentorship

Seven years of cracking hunger in Eswatini

People are at the heart of sustainable farming

How to eat healthier with eggs

Eggs and regenerative medicine

Celebrating 25 years of World Egg Day

Sustainability Series: Innovations in sustainable egg farming

Sustainability Series: The five pillars of sustainable egg farming

Building trust with the EQA® program

The science behind the high-quality protein in eggs

Canadian athletes enjoy #EggsAnytime

It’s worth it: Supply management

Farming a more sustainable future

Seven egg-centric trends from our Foodservice Trend Report

Egg farmers are committed to sustainable farming

An expert explains how supply management supports Canadian food security

Local chefs celebrate their local heroes

Across Canada, egg farmers give back

Animal care is egg farmers’ top priority

Young egg farmers are #CrackingHunger

Four highlights from our 2020 Annual Report

Six ways to enjoy an #EggcellentEaster

Celebrating #CdnAgDay 2021 with Canadian egg farmers

Our five most-read stories in 2020

Meet the leaders in our national young farmer program

Four ways we’re transforming hen housing in Canada

A snapshot of Canada’s Egg Economy

Three cutting-edge technologies used in egg farming

This World Egg Day, we’re saying thank you

New program empowers female egg farmers to lead

One Canadian farm family and their story of growth

Research reveals how eggs support cognition

The choice is yours! A guide to buying eggs

Here’s how to identify Canadian eggs

A closer look at Canada’s egg supply chain

How this egg farmer shares farm life with her community

Quebec engineer sees a bright future in egg farming

Saskatchewan farmers expand with egg production

Ontario egg farmer brings global experience home to the family farm

Focusing on ‘local’ key to Ontario egg farm’s ongoing success

B.C. young farmer invests in a future in egg farming

Work and home are one for husband and wife team Eric and Sandra Dyck

COVID-19 tools, resources and updates for egg farmers

Canada’s food banks need us. Will you answer their call?

Five key takeaways from our 2019 Annual Report

Three things you need to know about eggs and cholesterol

Six big food trends for 2020

Eggs for dinner isn’t weird: Canadians are loving #EggsAnytime

Here are 9 of our favourite stories about the EQA® certification program

Celebrate #CdnAgDay 2020 with 15 facts about agriculture

Supply management 101

Your five favourite articles from 2019

The recipe for giving back with #RecipesThatGive

Celebrating five years of partnership with Heart for Africa (Canada)

How eggshells could one day help regenerate human bone

It’s worth it: Check out our new initiative

We’re partnering with Diabetes Canada to share the benefits of eating eggs

Supply management: fresh, local, high-quality eggs for Canadians

Why this food marketing expert is excited about EQA®

Celebrating eggs and egg farmers on World Egg Day

This small egg has a big impact on Canada

MagnusCards: A good day starts with a good breakfast

Innovation in egg nutrition research

EQA®: New mark, proven quality

Five reasons why Canadian poultry is a great choice

2019: Canada’s year, with Canadian eggs

Cooking up a storm at the Terroir Symposium

The hen housing transition: how one family is transforming their farm

First generation Canadian continues family egg farming tradition

It’s National Volunteer Week! Here’s how our farmers give back

Five nutrients you didn’t know were in eggs

Five need-to-know takeaways from our 2018 Annual Report

Meet 2019’s extraordinary national young farmer program participants

Egg farming is the newest challenge for BC farmer Richard Boer

Egg farming is a great way to balance work and family

Mentorship key to success for new Manitoba egg producer

Innovation is key to success for Saskatchewan egg producers

Alberta young farmer balances off-farm career and the family farm

Farming and family is a good mix for Ontario egg farmer Candace Phoenix

Ontario young farmer is a passionate advocate for the egg industry

Registered Dietitian Sue Mah on Canada’s Food Guide—and how eggs fit in

Study shows supply-managed sectors punch above their weight in economic impact

These five trends could define food in 2019

These were our five most popular articles in 2018

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s how.

This family museum documents 200 years of farming history

Want to give back this holiday season? Try your local food bank

#CrackingHunger with the humble egg

Canada and supply management are Better Together

Chefs and farmers sharing their passion… for eggs!

The sixth generation of Coburn farmers passes the torch

This World Egg Day, here’s five reasons to love Canadian egg farming

In a sparse Canadian corner, local food from a Canadian egg farmer

Incredible innovation is happening in the egg sector

The incredible impact of Canadian Food For Children

Want to buy Canadian? Check out these four foods

From E to Z: eggs are everywhere!

Canada is breakfast sandwich nation

Meet the kids our eggs are helping to feed around the world

From E to Z: high-tech innovation, cutting-edge research and supply management

Here’s how egg farmers are helping Breakfast Club of Canada feed 200,000 kids every day

An egg tour across Canada, part 3: Western Canada

Building Canada through the Egg Economy

An egg tour across Canada, part 2: Atlantic Canada

Meet some of our partners that help give farmers a voice

New Nutrition Facts Tables, same nutritious eggs

Interview with Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada

No one is cooking with eggs like Chef Matt Basile

Green farming? Meet a farmer leading the way

Meet the man feeding thousands with egg farmers’ help

A behind the scenes look at an on-farm inspection

Eggs are perfect for #Eastertaining and more!

Highlights from our 2017 Annual Report

Meet the young leaders who are the future of our industry

Our Sustainability Story

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s agricultural advancements

Ready for your virtual egg farm tour?

Eggs near you in 2018

Meet Roger Pelissero, 3rd generation egg farmer and Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada

A dozen questions for the new NSERC/Egg Farmers of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Sustainability

Roger Pelissero in the Hill Times: “Supply management protects family farming”

2018’s egg-centric culinary trends

Here’s how Canadian egg farmers are bringing hope to Eswatini

These are our readers’ favourite articles from 2017

Check out this sneak peek of our interview with Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada

Celebrate the holiday season with #RecipesThatGive

Heart for Africa (Canada)

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