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Canada’s Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) program: 10 things to know

When it comes to egg safety and quality, there’s no shortage of ways Canadian farmers and producers work to ensure top quality-standards.

World Food Safety Day with Egg Farmers of Canada

Canadian chefs share their secret ingredient

Introducing our new online sustainability tool

Eggs make celebrating Easter easy

Four trends set to shape the future of egg farming

Understanding the link between farmer mental health and farm success

Four ways that supply management improves Canadian agriculture

Celebrating egg farmers on #CdnAgDay 2022

Foodservice industry trends to watch in 2022

How eggs fuel Canada’s top athletes

Exploring the benefits of eggs with Heart & Stroke™

Top Canadian egg farmers under 40

Egg farming as a family at B Jack Farms

Eggs are a key ingredient in holiday traditions

Connecting female farmers through mentorship

Seven years of cracking hunger in Eswatini

People are at the heart of sustainable farming

How to eat healthier with eggs

Eggs and regenerative medicine

Celebrating 25 years of World Egg Day

Sustainability Series: Innovations in sustainable egg farming

Sustainability Series: The five pillars of sustainable egg farming

Building trust with the EQA® program

The science behind the high-quality protein in eggs

Egg farmers are committed to sustainable farming

Across Canada, egg farmers give back

Animal care is egg farmers’ top priority

Six ways to enjoy an #EggcellentEaster

The choice is yours! A guide to buying eggs

Here’s how to identify Canadian eggs

A closer look at Canada’s egg supply chain

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