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Ask an egg farmer

Welcome to our brand new, soon-to-be regular Q&A feature: Ask an egg farmer! For our first edition, we’re chatting with Stephanie Nanne, a seventh generation egg farmer in Perth, Ontario. Stephanie grew up around egg farming, and her family helped instill in her a strong work ethic and values that she embraces day-to-day with her […]

Reflecting back on a year of opportunities

Becoming an egg farmer: the story of Andrew Monchuk

These are the future leaders of Canadian egg farming

Julie Morin: I like knowing that I make a positive contribution to society

Will McFall: We’re improving people’s lives by doing what we do

Matt Vane: The egg world has been good to me

Justin Dunphy: It’s important to know where our food comes from and to support farmers

Nathaniel Visser: I know that whatever I’m producing will be eaten by my friends and family

Andrew Packham: As things progress, it’s better for the hens and better for us working with them

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