Author: Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada and ME to WE: A cracking partnership

When it comes to making a positive impact and inspiring the next generation of socially-conscious change-makers, ME to WE sets the bar. That’s why we’re so incredibly excited to be working with ME to WE through a brand-new partnership designed to help young Canadians not only understand where the food they eat comes from, but also […]

Supply management: benefiting Canadians from coast to coast

Heart for Africa

A Dee-lightful World Egg Day

Ask an egg farmer: Matt Vane

Five reasons kids love eggs

Join us and #CrackAYoke this World Egg Day in support of school breakfast programs!

10 things Canadians love about eggs

Why does NAFTA matter to Canada’s egg farmers?

Canada, we’re so grateful for you. Thank you!

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