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How eggs are a natural fit in a sustainable diet

Canadians value sustainability when it comes to their food. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Angus Reid revealed that 88% of Canadians feel it is important that the food they buy is sustainably produced.1 That’s good news because Canadian egg farmers provide a steady supply of fresh, local, high-quality eggs while championing innovative farming practices that support a green future.

To show Canadians how eggs easily fit into a sustainable diet and lifestyle, we partnered with several content creators to share how sustainability starts with Canadian eggs.

Choosing good-for-the-planet foods…like eggs!

Author, educator, speaker and sustainability advocate Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma shared her simple and energy-saving method for making hard boiled eggs. She also highlights Canadian egg farmers’ commitment to sustainable on-farm practices, like using renewable energy sources to power their barns.

Enjoying a sustainable choice with the whole family

Mélissa Panich is a mom of three and an outdoor enthusiast who shares how to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Mélissa showed how eggs and Earth Day go hand in hand, thanks to the continued efforts of Canadian egg farmers who prioritize caring for the planet.

Learning about egg farm sustainability on World Egg Day

Adventure-seeker and outdoor enthusiast Karin Keller shared this reel highlighting our Earthwise Egg Quest: A Canadian Egg Farming Trivia Challenge Game for World Egg Day. She sat down with her family to play the game and learn about sustainable farming practices.  

Connecting farming practices to the planet

Outdoorsy mom of three Carlie Duquette is passionate about nature and loves to share tips and tricks for green living. She took to Instagram to share insights about her discussion with egg farmer Chris Mullet Koop, during which she learned about his egg farm and how he uses cisterns and carbon filters to convert rain into drinking water for his hens.

Entertaining sustainably with eggs

Shannon McQuaid is a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about using high-quality, local, in-season ingredients in her food. She shares simple recipes and promotes how eating sustainably doesn’t need to be overly complicated, like using fresh, local, high-quality Canadian eggs.

Eggs are not only a delicious and versatile source of nutrition, but they are also a sustainable and locally sourced food. Learn more about what makes Canadian eggs so sustainable and how Canadian egg farmers are showing leadership in sustainable agriculture.

1 Angus Reid. Egg Farmers of Canada World Egg Day survey of 1,000 respondents. (August 2023).