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Here are 9 of our favourite stories about the EQA® certification program

One of the biggest Canadian egg farming industry stories in 2019 was the launch of the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) certification program. Here is our recap of the media buzz surrounding the EQA® launch, including why our partners are proud to feature the EQA® certification mark on their menus, egg cartons, egg products and more.

Canadian Poultry celebrated the EQA® launch

Canadian Poultry spoke with third generation egg farmer and Egg Farmers of Canada Chair Roger Pelissero and CEO Tim Lambert, to get the scoop on how EQA® works and why it’s important for building consumer trust.

Grocery Business shared how retailers can get involved

Grocery Business outlined how EQA® keeps up with consumer demand for transparency, and shared how retailers can add the mark to their egg cartons.

Canadian Retailer celebrated egg-ceptional quality

In a special Sustainability Issue, Canadian Retailer shared how consumers are hungry for transparency and on-pack certifications like EQA® are important to them. In their Food & Grocery Issue, they interviewed our CEO Tim Lambert to learn how EQA® contributes to building public trust.

Real Agriculture highlighted EQA®

McDonald’s Canada included the EQA® mark on their ads for the Egg BLT McMuffin® sandwich. Real Agriculture discussed why consumers can feel good about EQA®.

Strategy profiled McDonald’s and EQA®

Strategy shared the marketing perspective on why McDonald’s chose to include the EQA® mark in the promotion of the Egg BLT McMuffin®.

Food in Canada showcased EQA® in restaurants

Food in Canada shared the news that Denny’s Restaurants would be featuring the EQA® mark on their menus across Canada as part of their ongoing commitment to serve high-quality, sustainably-sourced food.

Ontario Farmer looked at the EQA® mark on egg cartons

Ontario Farmer reported on how Federated Co-operatives Limited is including the EQA® mark on its cartons to assure their customers that Canadian eggs can be trusted for being a high-quality product.

Egg farmers share EQA® on social media

Farmers are embracing EQA® with energy and excitement. No wonder why: it is an opportunity to showcase the world-class food safety and animal care standards by which they operate their farms.

Food marketing expert embraces EQA®

EQA® is earning expert endorsement for the value it offers consumers. That includes Jo-Ann McArthur, President of Nourish Food Marketing, who says “EQA® is showcasing and celebrating strict animal welfare and food safety standards…It’s going to be easy when you’re shopping to see that symbol and know that you’re eating an egg that meets those standards.”

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