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From E to Z: high-tech innovation, cutting-edge research and supply management

We’ve wrapped up parts one and two of our From E to Z series, documenting the alphabet of need-to-know info on eggs, egg farming and everything related to what we do here at Egg Farmers of Canada. Now we’re diving into some of the most important parts of our work—including philanthropy, innovation and the public policy that helps sustain our entire industry.

P is for partnership

The egg farming industry is built on partnership, and there are many players at the table—from our national organization, to our provincial and territorial egg boards, to international organizations and charitable partners of every kind. We work with groups like the International Egg Commission to spread Canadian expertise across the globe, and to bring the power of the humble egg to undernourished populations who need it most. Here at home, we partner with Food Banks Canada and Breakfast Club of Canada to ensure Canadians in need can access the high-quality nutrients found in eggs. We aspire to educate the next generation through educational partnerships like our work with the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum and Agriculture in the Classroom. We join arm-in-arm with the entire Canadian agricultural community through work with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. There are too many to name in just one blog post—for more info, check out this article on some of our most significant partnerships.

Q is for quiche

Is there anything more quintessentially brunch than quiche? It’s a French delicacy that dates back to the 16th century.1 A rich egg custard wrapped snugly inside a crumbling pastry crust—it’s mouthwatering just to think about. Getting quiche right can be tough for even the most experienced chef, but the final treat is oh so worth it! Looking to make the perfect quiche? We’ve got you covered with this handy video tutorial.

One of the things we love most about eggs is their versatility. People around the world have found ways to creatively integrate eggs into any kind of meal, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or snacktime. We compiled a list of five egg-based recipes from five cultures that have made a big impact on the history of Canada—check it out.


R is for research

Egg farmers are passionate about staying at the cutting-edge of agriculture, making sure we are constantly improving—like reducing our environmental footprint, improving our productivity and making sure our hens are always healthy and well cared for. And you can see it in farmers’ incredible commitment to innovation through work like Alberta’s net-zero barn.

We support a series of Research Chairs working to improve our industry. For example, Dr. Nathan Pelletier, our Research Chair in Sustainability, is exploring new ways to reduce the GHG emissions of egg farms. Our Research Chair in Poultry Welfare, Dr. Tina Widowski, is hard at work in Guelph improving and studying hen housing systems. We support four Research Chairs, housed in universities across Canada, and last year funded over 30 additional research projects through our world-class research program.

S is for the system of supply management

It’s been called “Canadian genius,” a made-in-Canada policy innovation that has offered Canadians a consistent supply of fresh, affordable, local eggs, made by Canadian family farmers (at a time when family farms are falling by the wayside around the world).

Expressed most simply, supply management starts with a basic premise: stability in the market for consumers and for farmers. Canadians have all the high-quality eggs they need, and farmers receive a fair return. The system offers stability to the industry and helps our farmers deliver the constant supply of fresh, local eggs that Canadians want and enjoy. You won’t believe what life was like before supply management came into effect—for more on that, you can read this article.

T is for technology

Today agriculture is a high-tech industry, with the latest technologies improving outcomes for Canadians and farmers alike. Whether it’s the impact of the big data revolution or the potential future application of artificial intelligence, farming as a field is in a state of constant innovation and transformation. We’ve highlighted just a few of these transformations in our article looking at advancements in agriculture—check it out.

Ready for more egg farming and industry facts? Here is the final installment of our From E to Z series!

1  Complete France