Egg Farmers of Canada and ME to WE: A cracking partnership

When it comes to making a positive impact and inspiring the next generation of socially-conscious change-makers, ME to WE sets the bar.

That’s why we’re so incredibly excited to be working with ME to WE through a brand-new partnership designed to help young Canadians not only understand where the food they eat comes from, but also to develop an appreciation for the people who work hard every day to produce it. It’s all about creating a meaningful connection between young Canadian leaders-in-training and the farm.

This summer, some of our very own young leaders joined campers at ME to WE’s unique Take Action Camp in an energetic session to share their story and talk about the importance of agriculture in Canada. Our engagement led to a lively themed lunch where campers took part in an activity that illustrated the influence that local agriculture has on their health and their community.

“They asked a lot of good questions,” says young farmer Megan Veldman who joined ME to WE’s inventive and innovation-minded campers. “Part of the lunch involved a brainstorm, where kids discussed how egg farming contributes to the economy. That was really cool to hear.”

Young leaders like Veldman, who has been involved with her family’s egg farming business since the age of seven, have a great opportunity to educate Canadians on the importance of egg farming and food production, which is why our partnership with ME to WE is such an exciting step forward for us. Thankfully, we have a very big supporter in co-founder of the Me to We movement Craig Kielburger (who just so happens to love eggs as much as we do!).

“Egg Farmers of Canada have played a tremendous role in nourishing the bodies and minds of young change-makers at WE’s Take Action Camp,” says Kielburger. “A healthy diet featuring eggs energizes our campers as they band together to better understand the country’s most pressing issues, such as the elimination of childhood hunger and the need for sustainable food sources. The WE organization is incredibly grateful for Egg Farmers of Canada’s support of Canadian youth as they strive to become agents of change within their communities, and the nation’s next generation of leaders.”

Here at Egg Farmers of Canada we can’t wait to continue talking about the importance of farming and inspiring young Canadians to really think about their food and the people who produce it at future ME to WE events. For Veldman, it’s certainly an experience she’d also like to repeat.

“If I was asked again I would definitely, definitely go back,” she says enthusiastically.