Eggcentric TV you have to see to believe

Considering the fact that eggs have as many culinary uses as your imagination allows, it should come as no surprise that there’d be an appetite for an online specialty channel dedicated to these nutritious, delicious little ovals.

Which is exactly why the innovative Eggcentric TV network was created—to cover the wide and wonderful world of eggs from every perspective you can think of.

Egg lovers would most certainly agree that, if anything would be the perfect entertainment accompaniment to a nice, comforting omelet, it would undoubtedly be a unique online channel dedicated exclusively to the humble egg!

What an egg-cellent idea, you say? That’s because the goal of Eggcentric TV is to inspire egg lovers around the world and give you the opportunity to explore great new ways to enjoy eggs as well as learn all about how Canadian eggs are produced, the people responsible for their production and how they make their way to your table.

Better yet, watching Eggcentric TV is also a great way to give back—our long-term vision for the channel is to use any revenue we generate to support meaningful community projects such as Heart for Africa.

With over 220 videos currently available, it’s little wonder that in its first year Eggcentric TV had nearly 1 million hits (considering that 8.6 million Canadians are watching mobile videos every month, that’s an impressive stat1). And things are only looking up for online video content like ours. It’s expected that digital video views will climb to 2.15 billion this year, with more than 62% of the world’s internet users watching.2

We’re also excited to know that our Eggcentric TV content can be accessed wherever and whenever our egg fans want, since video content just like ours is the leading form of online entertainment (even above audio and gaming!) with smartphone users.3

So, join egg lovers from around the world who are learning all about eggs and check out this one of a kind streaming network dedicated entirely to eggs! Get your first taste of Eggcentric TV by visiting now.