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We’re excited for 2017: Here are three reasons

2017 is here and the year promises to be filled with exciting new developments. Whether it’s doing our part to build a greener egg farming industry or joining the celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday, we have a lot to look forward to this year. Here are three trends and moments to watch in 2017:

1. Making egg farming even more sustainable


Big things are happening on the sustainability front in our industry. Last year we profiled an innovative project happening in Alberta—a net zero egg barn that produces no net greenhouse gas emissions. The lessons we learned from this project and our latest environmental studies further our understanding of the link between environmental sustainability and egg production. Egg farming has a proud history of sustainability—and productivity and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. A landmark study released last year confirmed that in the 50 years between 1962 to 2012, the egg farming industry’s environmental impact decreased by nearly 50%, while egg production increased by 50%.1 We use 81% less land, 41% less energy and 69% less water.2 These new insights will help us shape and strengthen processes and technology with environmental and social impact in mind.

2. Growing egg demand


2016 marked a decade of continuous growth in the retail sales of eggs. In fact, a 5.6% increase in the retail sales of table eggs was achieved in 2016. This success has been driven by increased consumer demand for natural and whole foods like eggs. The “humble egg” is truly the perfect food—delicious, nutritious and versatile—and we’re excited to continue to bring eggs to Canadians everywhere in 2017!

3. Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday


This beautiful nation we call home turns 150 years young on July 1st and Canadians are celebrating with one big year-long party. Egg farmers everywhere are celebrating too. Agricultural events across the country will be exploring themes related to Canada’s birthday. Just one example is the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum and the upcoming 2017 conference, Growing Canada for 150 Years. We’re excited to be part of the celebrations. We’re proud to be Canadians—and we’re proud of the generations of farmers who work hard to bring fresh eggs to every corner of our country.

There’s so much to look forward to this year. We can’t wait to share it with you. Happy 2017!

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2 Egg Farmers of Canada