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Research chairs


Our industry’s future is in good hands

Egg Farmers of Canada supports research in areas that will shape the future of egg farming in Canada. As part of our commitment, we have launched a research chair program focused specifically on the egg industry.

Our research chairs are thought leaders in their fields and were selected for their commitment to research and innovation. As chairholders, they help establish centres of research excellence at their institutions and work with leading national and international experts in the field, as well as top graduate and undergraduate students.

Current research chairs

Dr. Maurice Doyon, Egg Industry Economic Research Chair at Université Laval
Dr. Doyon’s research focuses on the economic implications of the Canadian egg industry and supply management. Learn more.

Dr. Tina Widowski, Poultry Welfare Research Chair at the University of Guelph
Dr. Widowski is studying hen behaviour and welfare, and best practices for the management of housing systems. Learn more.

Dr. Bruce Muirhead, Public Policy Research Chair at the University of Waterloo
Dr. Muirhead’s research focuses on public policy that relates to the current and future challenges faced by Canadian egg farmers and the industry. Learn more.

We are committed to enhancing our research network and program, thanks to the success of our research chairs and their contributions. We want to foster research on a variety of topics of interest to our industry, particularly with a focus on environment and sustainability.


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