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Egg Farmers of Canada supports causes that matter to Canadians, our farmers and employees. Through donations, sponsorships and volunteerism, we are affecting positive change in communities across the country. We proudly participate in many national causes and partner with some exceptional organizations.

Helping communities stay vibrant

Canadian egg farmers chose the profession and rural lifestyle of farming because they take great pride in providing a nutritious food for their family, and community. Through their farm operations, they create jobs in their communities and support the local economy. They often host elected officials and others who want to learn more about egg farming, and can be found at agricultural events and schools all over Canada talking about life on the farm and why they are proud to be egg farmers.

Canada’s egg farmers give their hens the best possible care and adhere to Canada’s highest standards for on-farm safety and health. Our farmers consult on a variety of agricultural issues and work with local and national experts who conduct poultry health, environmental practices, and economic and animal welfare research. They are continuously investing in comprehensive on-farm programs, new techniques and innovations. Our farmers are engaged members of their communities who sit on school boards, coach soccer, volunteer for community events and donate eggs to local organizations.

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