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Social responsibility


Egg Farmers of Canada’s approach to social responsibility is rooted in our values of integrity and sustainability. We honour the social license that Canadians have given us to self-regulate our industry. We work to improve peoples’ lives, enhance the vibrancy of Canadian communities, and take preventative action to protect public health, the health and well-being of our hens and the environment.

Egg Farmers of Canada is committed to:

  • Community: We are proud and active members of our communities supporting causes that are important to Canadians.
  • Environment: We are concerned about the livelihood of our future farmers and Canadians. We do our part to mitigate environmental impact.
  • Animal care: The health and well-being of our animals is of the utmost importance and we regularly consult with animal care experts to ensure their care is of the highest standards.
  • Food quality and safety: Canadian eggs are produced under strict guidelines that comply with highest standards to ensure consumers are receiving high-quality and safe products.
  • Economic contribution: Our industry is committed to maintaining strong independent egg farms, supporting rural communities and contributing to the Canadian economy.

In this section we invite you to learn more about the causes we support, how our farmers are helping to keep communities vibrant and actions we are taking to reduce our environmental impact.

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