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Keep the “eh!” in eggs

Supporting a system that works for Canada

Canadians love Canadian eggs. They come from local farmers who ensure our eggs are among the best in the world for quality and freshness. Our uniquely Canadian system of supply management makes all this possible and also supports thousands of Canadian jobs and sustains vibrant rural communities.

Supply management is run by Canadian farmers. Farmers agree to sell their product under a consistent set of rules, which ensures a fair return for their labour. They follow the highest standards for food safety and farming practices and provide Canadians year-round access to fresh, local, high-quality eggs.

Canadians want domestically produced eggs. More than 1,000 Canadian egg farms produce an average of 595 million dozen eggs annually to meet growing consumer demand. In fact, 2014 marked the industry’s eighth consecutive year of retail sales growth. A strong industry makes it possible for our farmers to make long-term investments in on-farm efficiencies and drive innovation through R&D.

Supply management strengthens our farms and our economy, and is opening the door for the next generation of agriculture leaders to find rewarding careers in egg farming. By Keeping the “eh!” in eggs, our industry will continue to build stability at home, while other agriculture industries with greater export potential pursue opportunities in international markets.

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