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Egg Farmers of Canada manages the supply of eggs by determining the requirements of both the consumer and farmer. All regulated egg farmers operate under the system of supply management. This system ensures that consumers receive fresh, local, high-quality eggs and that farmers get fair returns based on the cost to produce a dozen eggs in Canada. EFC also:

  • Proactively develops national standards and programs that support and improve the Canadian egg industry
  • Funds research and development for the egg industry in areas such as poultry science, egg production, animal and human nutrition, and environmental technologies and techniques
  • Represents the interests of regulated farmers on a wide range of issues to the federal government
  • Oversees national marketing campaigns and education programs that promote the health benefits of eggs and cooking with eggs.

The Egg Farmers of Canada Way

Egg Farmers of Canada  believes  in the  inextricable link between social  license and  business success. We nurture our  acceptance nationally,  and  in the  broader international community—not just because it is the right thing to do but because it bolsters our aspirations of profitability and enhanced socio-economic development.

Legitimacy  with our  stakeholders and  customers drives  us  each  and  every day. We respect and honour  the social license provided to our industry under  the system of  supply  management. Everything—from  operations to  policy  development  to governance—is approached with the utmost regard for: the communities, environment and society  in which we operate; the well-being of our animals; and the  health, safety  and  satisfaction of the  millions  of Canadians who  enjoy  and depend upon our product every single  day.


To position  the  Canadian egg industry  as  a leader in Canada’s agricultural future through sustainable  growth,  continuous improvement and  social  responsibility, working  collaboratively under  the  system of supply  management to  uphold  the interests of all those who depend upon and enjoy our products.


A world where  everyone—whether it be due to want or need—can  enjoy the immeasurable benefits of the humble egg.


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