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Celebrate World Egg Day with a dozen reason to be #Thankful4Eggs!


Mark your calendars! Friday, October 9 is World Egg Day—a global celebration of the humble egg, its extraordinary benefits and the wonderful people responsible for its production.

In terms of nutrition and versatility, eggs are a perfect food! And, Canadian egg farmers work hard to provide year-round access to fresh, local and high-quality eggs. These are just a few of the many reasons why, this World Egg Day, we’re sharing why we’re #Thankful4Eggs!

We’re counting down to #WorldEggDay by sharing our dozen reasons to be #Thankful4Eggs. Each day leading up to October 9, we’re sharing a new reason! Join in on the celebration and share with us why you’re #Thankful4Eggs too, tweet and share using the #Thankful4Eggs hashtag.


Reason #1 to be #Thankful4Eggs

Always fresh. Eggs are always in season and travel from the farm to the store within less than a week.

We know that freshness is important to you, and it’s important to us too. Did you know? Typically eggs travel from the farm to the store in just a few days. So they’re always fresh when you bring them home to prepare a high-quality and nutritious meal for you and your family.

Get some inspiration for your next dish made with fresh, local, high-quality Canadian eggs from our Farmers Favourites recipe collection on Delicious meals that really are from farm to table.

Celebrate World Egg Day on Friday, October 9 with Egg Farmers of Canada and people around the world. Share why you’re thankful for eggs and tweet us using the hashtag #Thankful4Eggs.


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